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NIAGARA GORGE + WHIRLPOOL ($25 per person)
A truly world-class hike, the Niagara Gorge has been carved out by almighty Niagara Falls over the past 12,500 years. Its forests have never been logged, the rapids rank among the strongest in the world, and it is a home to beavers, salamanders, and bald eagles. My personal favorite.
-Hear and "feel" the rush of Class 5 and 6 rapids
-Stunning, enormous boulders in the lush Carolinian forest
-Natural shower point and freshwater seeps
-Rare and endangered species of trees, and my favourite resident milk snake has a perfect "checkerboard" pattern  
Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult
Duration: 2 hours


Walk along the top of the Niagara Escarpment through old-growth forest with excellent wildlife sighting opportunities. Stunning views include the canopy, Niagara farmland, and even the Toronto skyline on a clear day. The forest glows a heavy orange in the last half an hour of the hike - prepare to be wowed. Great for photo enthusiasts.
-Safe and easy hike, very relaxing
-Even without a proper sunset, the evening hours are beautiful (I can't guarantee sunsets, I wish I could!)
-Adjacent to several scenic hotspots on the Niagara Parkway
-Many large and interesting trees, especially Maples
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1.5 hours


     Hike the numerous small gorges and valleys in Niagara's only Provincial Park, with opportunities to see gorgeous waterfalls, meadows, and different types of wetland. This is one of the few places in Niagara you can escape into nature without hearing traffic!
-A complex network of trails, so plenty of variety and options
-Can be hiked on well worn trails or through rugged gorges 
-12 Mile Creek is Niagara Region's only cold-water drainage area, and the only creek with resident Brown Trout
-The park is known for its diversity of habitat types and scenery
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Duration: 3 hours


PICK-A-WATERFALL-AND-GO ($35 per person)
     A full hike can be spent in either the Decew, Balls, or Rockway Falls canyons; all three of these waterfalls are visually stunning and reward those who venture out to see them. No tourist crowds here! Wildlife sighting opportunities are high as many animals use these valleys as “habitat corridors”. All 3 falls are similar but provide exclusive differences; please inquire for details.
-Decew Falls is a lush, deep green forest and a safe place to swim on a hot day, but recommended only for experienced hikers
-Balls Falls (a Lower and Upper falls) gives a deep mountain wilderness impression, plus the name is fun! 
-Rockway Falls has the most dramatic canyon and rare vegetation communities 
Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult
Duration: 3 hours


     Put on some rubber boots, and be prepared to see what the majority of Niagara Region once looked like, with stops at swamp forests and bogs where wildlife sightings and eerie landscapes are at their absolute best. These wetlands are home to rare or endangered species, such as Wainfleet Bog's sub-arctic bog plants and the timid Massasauga Rattlesnake. Best in March/April/May. Great for nature nature geeks!
-These wetlands are a pleasure to the eyes and ears, especially in Spring
-For the adventurous and muddy hikers! You can rent rubber boots from me
-Willoughby Marsh has a beautiful flooded forest housing rare bird species plenty of frogs
-Wainfleet Bog has is Niagara's largest natural area, and each step "bounces" with the peat soil 
-Minimal hiking impact in ecologically sensitive areas
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult
Duration: 5 hours


WILD WATERFALLS TOUR ($45 per person)
     Niagara Falls is spectacular for a reason, but did you know about Decew Falls, Balls Falls, or Rockway Falls? We can explore these three hidden sanctuaries through their steep-cut gorges, have a swim on a hot day, and admire colossal ice formations in the winter. No matter what season, a variety of wildlife can be spotted and the rock formations will always impress.  Plenty of photography opportunities and chances. All three of these waterfalls are unique in their appearance and canyon formations, the only thing in common being their location along the rugged and biodiverse Niagara Escarpment. The deep pockets of Carolinian Forest are an essential habitat to migrating birds and some fascinating reptiles. 
Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult
Duration: 5 hours


THE JUNGLE GYM ($25 per person) 
     Hiking is an awesome form of exercise, but this "tour" is all about using your natural surroundings to create an exciting workout. Your "gym" is the Niagara Escarpment, a rim of old growth forest and dramatic landscapes staged high above Niagara On The Lake's farmlands. There are moments to stay hydrated and enjoy the beautiful vistas. These exercise and body/mind-focused tours can be customized in intensity and style!
-Breathe in fresh air, hear the birds, be inspired by the scenery while getting a workout
-Tap into your legs to reach the crest of the Escarpment
-Visit the "Chin Up Tree" and "Simba's Push Up Rock"
-Spot unique wildlife that uses the Escarpment as a valuable habitat corridor
-Physical activities put environmental sensitivity first
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult/"Madness" 
Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

OTHER tour possibilities include: 

-Sunrise to sunset treks (good for training and long distance hikers, following the Bruce Trail)
-Photography sessions
-Outdoor workout 
-School field trips


...LUNCH ($15)-

Would you like a prepared, healthy lunch? If yes, choose between

Vegetarian Sandwich Meal      or     Turkey Sandwich Meal

Price includes: 1 big sandwich with vegetarian or turkey option, 1 local apple, 1 chocolate protein bar, harvest cheddar sun chips. Guide will carry food in PRIVATE tours or groups of 4 people or less!


Show your friends and family what your adventure in Niagara's woods looks like! These 1.5 minute videos summarize the hike highlights and all the action from a cool perspective.

Click link for sample video:


...Is there a better way to refresh yourself and cool down after a day of hiking? Is there a better place than Niagara Region to try local wine, beer and food? Nope!

Niagara Oast House Brewers- delicious, strong farmhouse ales with seasonal beers always on tap. Drink at the backside of the barn while overlooking the grapes, and play your guide in ping pong for a beer!

Silversmith Brewing Company- a church from the 1890s that was "converted" into a brewery. Their deceptive and delicious Black Lager has turned a lot of heads, and the building is delightful on the eyes.

Southbrook Vineyards- Canada's first "biodynamic" winery, with an impressive organic vineyard and eco-friendly wine making processes seen all around the property. Notably fine cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and other blends.

Vineland Estates Winery-
Imagine winding down after a hike along the Niagara Escarpment, and just minutes away is a winery that produces award-winning wines with an incredible atmosphere. You're looking at truly unique relationship; a vineyard and an ecosystem that exist in perfect harmony to produce exemplary wines (over 25 varieties on the shelf!).

Boo's Bar and Eatery-  Conveniently located along the Balls Falls hiking trail is a family owned eatery with local beers on tap. The vibe of the location reminds of us an older Niagara with deep woods. Sit on the patio, check out Twenty Mile Creek, and the warm welcome of the owners!

Niagara's "other" backyard... Let's go! 

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